19 Oct 2022

Petroc Sesti - Autumn Sculpture Trail

Tree Beacon, Petroc Sesti

This piece was created using similar techniques to those of forestry preservation projects – through the scanning of vast trees in the Brazilian rainforest.  This tree, an ancient fig with the most spectacular root systems, captures and refracts sunlight as the sun tracks throughout the day.  The highly polished golden surface acts as a sun dial, while at night the lighting draws the eye inwards and upwards.

Created to draw attention to the plight of endangered rainforests, this sculpture attempts to capture the raw beauty of a dwindling resource and show how just how precious these natural monoliths are.  The beacon is both industrial and organic; the sinuous root system seems to grow from the water, while the recycled bronze gives it a long life and reflects the use of the material to create vegetation throughout Chelsea Barracks.

This position is a vital one in the wider curation, as it is a chance to draw people into the gardens.  Points of entry are important, they both set the scene and entice people to explore.  As such we needed something with which to draw curiosity of passers by walking down the Chelsea Bridge Road, as well as to create a visual connection with the spire of St. Barnabus’s Church to the east.


Chelsea Barracks
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