A Feast for the Senses


A community built around its gardens


Mulberry Square

Flanked by grand residences, this is the main entrance to Chelsea Barracks. A vibrant culinary garden of English fruits, vegetables, herbs and flowers welcomes residents and their guests.


First new garden squares for several generations, adding five acres of landscaped beauty.

Garrison Square

Garrison Square is Chelsea Barracks’ very own village square, an agreeably bustling space with alfresco dining created to bring people together.

Whistler Square

Whistler Square, with its grand water feature and elegant Magnolia trees, is inspired by the years Whistler spent in Chelsea.

Bourne Walk

Lined by London Plane trees, Bourne Walk is a cool and pleasant place to stroll, with native flowers and a gently flowing brook.

Dove Place

The perfect spot to take a moment and soak up the atmosphere, with a sculpture by Conrad Shawcross, the youngest living member of the Royal Academy of Arts.


Lush spaces created by England’s foremost landscape architects

Inspired by History

Laid out by Thomas Cubitt for Richard, 2nd Earl Grosvenor, Belgrave Square is the centrepiece of Belgravia and one of London’s largest and finest Georgian Squares.

“Of all the flowers, methinks a rose is best”

Shakespeare, Two Noble Kinsmen

A flourishing legacy

Look around the garden squares and you will see a red rose unique to Chelsea Barracks. This is the Chelsea Barracks Rose, cultivated by Philip Harkness, one of the world’s leading growers, to echo the rose window in the Garrison Chapel.

Chelsea Barracks
Belgravia, London SW1W 8BG

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