The Restaurant at

Chelsea Barracks

Character and Charm

Architect Ben Pentreath has masterfully employed the use of traditional materials and building methods to create the impressive façade of the restaurant building at Chelsea Barracks.

The defining arches and domes of which are all loadbearing, traditional brickwork, sealed using lime mortar. This method, whilst unusual in modern construction, undoubtedly gives the building its unique and charming character often prompting people to enquire as to the history of the building. The answer to which is quite short given it was only completed in 2018.

Transcending fashions

The natural patina of the building’s façade transcends architectural fashions; an intended design feature achieved through a combination of factors. Firstly, the architectural inspiration for this building which comes from the stable buildings of the neighbouring Chelsea Hospital, designed by Sir Christopher Wren. This familiar reference point roots the building in Belgravia and makes it specific to its locale.

An exhibition of the finest craftsmanship

The traditional methods are a remarkable exhibition of craftsmanship and attention to detail. Pentreath had the bespoke bricks handmade in Cambridgeshire and then set about sourcing craftspeople capable of building loadbearing brick arches and domes using lime mortar; a not altogether common requirement in 21st century Britain.

Since the building's completion it has played host to two pop up restaurants: ‘The Chelsea Barracks Kitchen by Ollie Dabbous’ and ‘Hideaway at Chelsea Barracks’. The former ran for a week during the Chelsea Flower Show in June 2019, the latter from October – December 2019.

New Restaurant ‘The Campaner’ Coming Autumn 2022

A new chapter waiting to be written

Following the success of the Chelsea Barracks Kitchen, we look forward to the launch of a new restaurant within this magnificent space in 2022, as the next chapter in its short history is written.

Chelsea Barracks
Belgravia, London SW1W 8PS

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