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12.8 acres in the world

Chelsea Barracks represents a historic collaboration between the finest masterplanners and minds in the architectural world, to establish an entirely new neighbourhood within London’s most esteemed enclave.

This world-class masterplan comprising a rare collection of apartments and townhouses, reintroduces London’s famous garden squares to Belgravia, with five acres of new public space and exquisite amenities.

A uniquely historic development

A development unlike any seen in London for over a century. Occupying an illustrious part of Belgravia, these 12.8 acres are situated in an unrivalled location, moments from Sloane Square and Knightsbridge. Never again will this exceptional opportunity arise, creating a lasting legacy which will be passed on to future generations.

The properties

Enriching London's heritage

The development revitalises the tradition of London's famous squares at the heart of its Great Estates. This completes the site's extraordinary journey - from fertile fields to pleasure gardens, storied barracks and, finally, a unique neighbourhood.

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Why did landowners devote land to squares? It was their form of patronage, their longer view of things, their contributions to historic London. - Sir Jeremy Dixon, Master Architect

The stories

Behind the barracks

The Barracks is a series of books published with the aim to share some of the stories behind Chelsea Barracks and most importantly, keep residents up to date on construction as it progresses, providing a visual guide as the area comes to life.

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An evocative emblem


The Guards' Chapel was built in 1860 following the establishment of Chelsea Barracks in 1857 as a garrison for the Grenadier and Coldstream Guards. Today it represents a direct and moving link to Britain's military heritage.

Reshaping London's landscape


As the last outstanding development to be built in Belgravia, Chelsea Barracks renders the area complete. Its arrival reinforces the heritage and cachet of London's most prestigious postcode.

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The Residences

The residences reflect the taste and refinement of their owners, speaking the language of the city with grace and elegance. Careful consideration has been given to every architectural detail, resulting in superlative living spaces, imbued with timeless British style. Please contact your agent for further information.


Traces of the Chelsea Barrack’s heritage continue to shine through even in this most modern expression of the development. Providing a seamless transition between outdoor and indoor entertaining, the penthouses offer the perfect stage to admire this unrivalled location in the heart of London. Please contact your agent for further information.

The Townhouses

These grand and richly appointed buildings represent an entirely new category of living for the capital. The layout creates absolute flexibility, accommodating the variety of cultures and traditions of those who choose to make these refined and substantial houses their home. Please contact your agent for further information.

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