Discover the epitome of luxurious living in Belgravia with our exclusive collection of Belgravia luxury apartments at the prestigious Chelsea Barracks. Nestled in one of London's most dynamic and flourishing locales, these Belgravia apartments embody the pinnacle of sophisticated elegance. 

Chelsea Barracks goes beyond merely a home in Belgravia; it presents a meticulously designed neighbourhood, replete with the highest quality finishes. For residents, it offers a diverse range of first-rate amenities. Whether it's engaging in fitness activities, indulging in retail therapy, savouring gourmet dining or unwinding in serene community spaces, these facilities cater to every aspect of premium living. The tranquil garden squares provide a peaceful oasis, seamlessly blending with the vibrant energy of Belgravia.

Set amidst the historical tapestry of west London, these luxury apartments in Belgravia offer a perfect blend of contemporary comfort and classical aesthetics. Drawing inspiration from London's rich past, the estate features Georgian-style garden squares and architectural elements that resonate with the city's heritage.

Why consider a home at Chelsea Barracks?

The estate is noted for its clever use of space with every inch of the Belgravia apartments having been expertly considered. The wellbeing of the residents and a connection to nature are two of the key factors that were kept in mind as the apartments were being built. The garden squares are maintained to give residents the closeness and tranquillity of nature all while remaining in the heart of London. The attention to detail allows the outside in, inviting natural light, green vistas and a calming environment to your luxury home.

Crafted grandeur


Properties For Sale, Belgravia

Built on the former military base, the 12.8 acre development houses a selection of the finest apartments in Belgravia. The elegant properties all promise the charm and heritage of London, married together with modern finishes and stylings by world-class architects and designers. 

Exclusivity is a recurring theme throughout Chelsea Barracks. The Garrison Club, for example, is a facility dedicated to providing residents with opportunities to work, relax, exercise and spend time with other residents in a space like no other. A billiards room, business suite, spa, private cinema and state of the art sports centre are just some of the many amenities residents are able to enjoy with complete discretion. Retire for the day at The Campaner restaurant for a fine dining experience offering breakfast, lunch, and dinner or discover the exceptional restaurants close by in Belgravia.

opening quotes closing quotes We believe that buildings need to reveal themselves as fundamentally connected to the history, culture and physical characteristics of the place in which they are located.

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Schools in the Area

Belgravia is home to an excellent range of educational facilities. With so many local institutions being so highly rated, parents have a wide selection of excellent independent schools such as Lycée Français and Francis Holland School, for their children to attend a short journey away.

Local History

Once used as a military base and now home to a selection of stunning luxury apartments, Chelsea Barracks is home to a vibrant and blossoming culture but one that still holds dear the heritage that made it so famous to begin with. This historic significance is evident throughout the development, with no feature more prominent than the Garrison Chapel, a Grade II listed building that has stood since 1859.

How Safe is the Area?

Belgravia is a growing area but one with a consistently low rate of crime. Chelsea Barracks understands the importance of personal security and safety, however, which is why our concierge operates a 24-hour service that offers valet and underground parking as well as a high-quality security system throughout the development.



Discover the story of how England’s foremost architects masterplanned a new neighbourhood in the heart of Belgravia.



The Chelsea Barracks estate is located on the doorstep of some of Britain’s most culturally significant venues. The Houses of Parliament and their imposing neighbour Big Ben, the royal family’s seat of power in Buckingham Palace and of course the Royal Parks provide variety for any day of the week.

London is known for its diverse culture. It is an international city that thrives on creativity and inclusion and this cultural acceptance is at the heart of the vibrant community of Belgravia. It is a city that embraces strong traditions and heritage with an open mind for being forward-thinking and embracing the best. Much like the ethos that underpins Chelsea Barracks, a marriage of historic architecture and design that has embraced the best of modern convenience.


The Area

Transport Links

Chelsea Barracks is conveniently connected to a transport network that provides an easy commute to almost anywhere in the world. Local tube stations offer a variety of entry points to London’s underground network via the Circle Line, District Line, and Victoria Line. 

For those wishing for a greener mode of transport, an ever-improving cycleway system in the city makes for safe travel to and from places of work.

Air travel from Heathrow, London City, and Gatwick are all easily accessible from Chelsea Barracks giving worldwide access with minimal effort.


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