Theo Fennell

Arrives at Garrison Square


It is an other-worldly place. A singular atelier, whose famed offbeat, one-of-a-kind portfolio is offset by more restrained, simple, but equally accomplished, pieces. And it's now arrived at Chelsea Barracks.

What makes an item extraordinary?

“I think it's about time and lack of boundary. Using the very, very best material that compliments the idea and the piece. Also, to use the knowledge, the experience, the talents, the skills of people using these materials without any kind of time or financial constraints. Gradually learning about these skills just adds to the whole sense of occasion and ownership you know about the material, that it’s come from a certain place, and how it's all been put together. I think that is really the essence of luxury.”

- Theo Fennell

After over two decades of providing their customers with slack-jawed moments at their flagship on Fulham Road, in London, Mr Fennell and his team have relocated to Chelsea Barracks. On explaining why he decided to move premises, Mr Fennell says that the new neighbourhood is a “very exciting place” that has melded a historic “beautiful looking thing” with the contemporary, and is located within a “really buzzy part of London.”


Situated at Chelsea Barracks but with a global reach, Mr Fennell’s brand celebrates its 40th anniversary this year. Within that colourful period, Theo Fennell has worked with celebrated clients, such as Naomi Campbell and Elton John, and dazzled the world with madcap creations: an ashtray adorned with Winston Churchill’s bald head, a white-gold charm bracelet that doubles as a nappy rash cream holder, and chess sets featuring game birds in silver and gilt, to mention just a few.

opening quotes closing quotes Chelsea Barracks is a new start for Theo Fennell. I thought the location spoke more of bespoke than the King's Road, which is much more retail and emporiums.

Theo Fennell

Chelsea Barracks
Belgravia, London SW1W 8BG

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