29 Mar 2019

Introducing 'The Barracks' Edition No.5: Craft

2019 has arrived and excitement in the ranks is palpable. Over the coming few months’, we will welcome the first residents of Chelsea Barracks and years of hard work comes to fruition for many people. It is therefore appropriate that this edition is a celebration of craft and the finer details of Chelsea Barracks.

In Britain, disciplines such as metalwork, textiles and woodwork have played a role in our daily lives for centuries. Between 1500 and 1900, Britain transformed from a nation of importers to one of the largest manufacturing nations in the world. Today’s post-industrial age has seen this change. With Chelsea Barracks we have sought to honour this heritage and, where possible, have turned to the centuries old traditions and techniques of British craftsmen and women to deliver for this monumental project.

In this edition, we celebrate a hand-makers revival and take a look at the combination of architectural and aesthetic crafts that will make up the heart of Chelsea Barracks.

Famed designer, Tord Boontje, has been involved with the balustrades and railings of the Townhouses at the intersection of art and craft, breaking traditionally perceived distinctions and hierarchies between the two. His team of masterful blacksmiths in Somerset turn their strong hands to delicate work.

We explore the worlds of decorative lighting and discover the numerous cottage industries dotted across the UK that contribute to making just one of Sharon Marston’s renowned chandeliers. This edition explores a multitude of crafts that prove provenance to be of perpetual importance, not only to British heritage but in the making of Chelsea Barracks.

In ‘Your neighbourhood’, we meet with celebrated British Sculptor, Conrad Shawcross, who will be delivering the first permanent piece of public art work at Chelsea Barracks. We also have one of our most exciting announcements to date as we discuss the grand opening of the Garden Squares.

As ever, we hope you enjoy this edition of The Barracks and welcome your feedback. If you would like us to send you a copy in the post, please contact us to do so.


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