19 Feb 2020

Introducing 'The Barracks' Edition No.6: Legacy

"We shape our buildings; thereafter our buildings shape us."

Winston Churchill’s aphorism perfectly encapsulates the enduring nature of physical architecture; the way it establishes a legacy that continues to shape us long after construction has concluded.

This concept underpins Chelsea Barracks. From the project’s inception in 2007, the responsibility of reintroducing 12.8 acres of isolated land into the existing fabric of one of London’s most historic and majestic neighbourhoods has been emphatically realised. Chelsea Barracks will be a personal legacy for all involved––not least its residents––and more broadly, a legacy for London. But it is important to ask: what should that legacy be?

As a developer and adoptive Londoner, the answers seem both clear and aligned: to deliver developments that will be sustainable, functional, appreciated and admired for generations to come. And it is my sincerest belief that, via Chelsea Barracks, we have delivered a scheme that not only responds to the prestigious surrounds, but also furthers the architectural legacy of Belgravia: through the buildings and the creation of seven public-garden squares.

This edition of The Barracks focuses on the legacies of those who have been instrumental in delivering Chelsea Barracks. Their contributions make up the heart of this new estate and will shape those who now call it home.

We meet with the ensemble of peerless architects, landscape designers and interiors designers––some whom have been involved for over a decade––and ask about their own legacies at Chelsea Barracks.

The doors of the Garrison Club are opened: we reveal the world-class amenities that await the residents; and discuss the new age of wellness.

Finally we look ahead towards the next phase of Chelsea Barracks. We meet with the architect of the forthcoming three buildings to hear about what inspired the façades that will define the ongoing evolution of the Chelsea Barracks legacy.


Chelsea Barracks
Belgravia, London SW1W 8BG

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