01 Apr 2024

Bianca Eclipsia: Brazil’s Hidden Natural Gem

Originating from the shores of Brazil, Bianca Eclipsia has become a highly sought-after addition to worktops all over the UK. Its inescapable versatility makes it an incredible option for everything from stairs and indoor floors to shelves, kitchen worktops and splashbacks. A natural stone rather than engineered, its formation takes millions of years but it is worth the wait.

Unlike materials with long histories of use in construction or the arts such as highly-sought after marble or granite, Bianca Eclipsia’s popularity has grown exponentially in recent years, driven primarily by its unique aesthetics and practical qualities.

There are two types of Bianca Eclipsia that are being regularly used:

Bianca Eclipsia Quartzite

This is a natural stone quarried in Brazil, and features a light grey background with subtle veining in various shades of grey, sometimes with a blue-ish hint. It instantly offers a luxurious and sophisticated look that is perfect for both modern and traditional kitchens and bathrooms.

Bianca Eclipsia Quartz

This engineered stone comprises around 90% quartz, resins, and pigments. While this stone mimics the appearance of quartzite, it is often more affordable and easier to maintain. Quartz is available in a wider variety of patterns and colours compared to its natural counterpart, giving interior decorators much more choice.


Bianco Eclipse Worktops


The Properties of Bianca Eclipsia

At Chelsea Barracks, we are proud to use Bianca Eclipsia in our kitchen countertops, not only because it embodies our values of luxury and high quality, but also because of its incredible properties. The stone boasts a sophisticated aesthetic with a light grey base, accented by darker grey veining. making it an ideal choice for those who appreciate a clean, crisp and minimalist look. 

The veining is not only striking but also varies significantly from piece to piece, adding a unique character to each installation. Available in both polished and honed finishes, Bianca Eclipsia offers flexibility in design, catering to various preferences and applications. 

It is celebrated for its durability, exhibiting high resistance to scratches, stains and heat, making it a practical choice for busy spaces and why it has formed the base of the kitchen counter tops in our residences.


Bianco Eclipse Worktop


Why is quartzite so desirable?

Quartzite is a stone that is considered to provide the best parts of both aesthetics and durability; your home benefits from the sophisticated look of marble while being backed by the strength of granite.

Only Topaz, Corundum and Diamond are recognised as being harder materials, making quartzite a reliable contender for one of the most used rooms in your home. 

Bianca Eclipsia is beginning to experience its boom in popularity and we envisage seeing it in homes across the country as it becomes a material synonymous with timeless luxury and sophistication.



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