11 Dec 2023

A Guide to Hosting At Christmas

Hosting at Christmas is an opportunity to invite guests into your home and demonstrate not just your culinary expertise but your ability at creating an environment made for celebrations. Discover the art of hosting at Christmas, as we guide you through setting the atmosphere, curating a decadent menu and selecting a range of beverages that heighten the experience and more.

Creating a Luxurious Christmas Ambiance

Crafting a sophisticated Christmas atmosphere at home involves subtle but impactful touches. Decorating with colours such as vibrant greens, deep reds and gold can immediately create a festive appearance however for an added detail, consider the textures used. Velvets and plush throws offer both decorative and functional appeal while satins and silk offer a sheen that adds to the evening’s elegance. Fine china and crystal glassware can help to elevate your dining experience to an occasion your guests will remember for years to come.

Balancing simplicity and charm, understated elements can create a tasteful and inviting setting for festive gatherings. In blending muted colours and refined details, you can effortlessly achieve a subtle but endearing Christmas ambiance.


Hosting at Christmas


Curating a Decadent Christmas Menu

Impress your guests with a carefully selected array of starters, each delivering a unique but delicious combination of flavours.

For the main course, consider a selection of gourmet dishes cooked to perfection. While turkey is a classic choice, goose or porchetta are popular alternatives. Equally, Beef Wellington has become a regular favourite during the festive season, thanks to its diverse ingredients and rich flavours, providing an opportunity to display your culinary skills to your guests. For vegetarian guests, similar versions can be created using ingredients such roasted peppers, mushrooms, beetroot or butternut squash.

Embrace the seasonal ingredients such as rosemary, nutmeg and thyme to enhance the festive spirit. Wrap up the feast with decadent desserts including citruses and berries which have become synonymous with Christmas, sure to leave a lasting impression.


Hosting at Christmas


The Art of Beverage Selection

Guests can be welcomed to your dinner with a classic assortment of wines and champagnes or bespoke Christmas themed cocktails if you are looking for a modern twist. 

For non-alcoholic options, consider flavorful mocktails or a mulled wine with grape or pomegranate juice. Elevate your celebration into a sensory masterpiece, ensuring each beverage offers nuanced flavours and impeccable craftsmanship.

Thoughtful Gestures and Personal Touches

Elevate the festive atmosphere with carefully chosen details and unique personal touches; gift-giving is made extra special by using custom wrapping, adding a high level of sophistication. Go beyond gifts and consider personalised favours for your valued guests, serving as subtle reminders of the exclusivity and discernment associated with your event.


Hosting at Christmas


Entertainment with Elegance

Your entertainment has the power to make or break the party so consider every aspect carefully. Curate a playlist that brings warmth and serenity to your home - the Christmas classics of Bing Crosby and Nat King Cole are often favourites. 

For your guests to truly be impressed, live music performances can make any evening unforgettable. Deliver entertainment that seamlessly intertwines with the sophistication of the event, catering to the discerning tastes of your distinguished audience.

Let your hosting experience embody a seamless mixture of sophistication, cosiness, joy and celebration. Here's to a Christmas adorned with indelible memories and endless festivity.



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