Top-Tips for Christmas from Louise Roe

Louise Roe has decked the halls at Chelsea Barracks, infusing festive charm into every corner of Mulberry Square with beautiful Sharland England pieces.

From charming holiday tables to treasured decorations, Louise has shared with us her top tips to bring warmth and style to the season.

The Christmas Table

What are your top 3 go-to items for creating a beautiful holiday tablescape?

I love beautiful (& ironed!) table linens to set the tone and the colour scheme of my festive tablescape. And my favourites always have pretty embroidered details.

Napkin rings are a must-have accessory for me, especially for a holiday tablescape. They add interest and colours and my Sharland England Holly napkin rings are an elegant staple on my festive table.

Lastly the centrepiece, and for me it’s flowers or berry branches either in one glorious arrangement that takes centre stage or in smaller arrangements and little vases spread across the table.

Home Décor

What is your go-to holiday decor element to add a touch of magic to the home?

Rather than a decor element, I think we could say it’s a decor style and that is adding little holiday decor touches everywhere around the house - whether that be a candle or a bowl of pomander oranges or a little garland - I love that you can feel the festive atmosphere around the entire house.


What are your most treasured Christmas decorations?

Our vintage stockings and some special tree baubles we’ve collected over the years.

Festive Food

What are your dinner party go-to’s at this time of year?

I have to be honest, my husband Mackenzie is the chef of the house but I do make delicious crostini appetizers with goat cheese, pomegranate and rosemary!

Seasonal tipples

What is your favourite cocktail / drinks to serve during festive gatherings?

Definitely mulled wine. I make a batch every year as soon as the tree is up and the house instantly smells like Christmas. Louise’s recipe here:


In a large pot add:

1 bottle of red wine

3 cinnamon sticks/about 8 cloves

2 star anise

1 sliced orange

A good drizzle of honey

Warm on the stove for 20 to 30 minutes, then strain and serve with a ladle – cheers!


Go to gift for a home interior lover?

An interior coffee table book - beautiful and inspiring.

What to bring to a dinner party at Christmas.

A scented candle, special chocolate truffles or a bottle of red wine.

Favourite stocking fillers this year?

A customised note card set, a handmade soap bar and artisanal chocolate.

Aromatic Ambiance

Your festive Scent go-to?

I have two! They’re both by Sharland England's, one is a rich wintery scent, Redcurrant & Clove and the other is Amber & Suede, which I burn all year round.

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