The Townhouses


The delicate balance between architectural heritage and 21st century living

Centuries of history

Over 200 years of craftsmanship inform a new architectural language.

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Everyday contentment

Here, life is about contentment in everyday rituals as much as the dazzling novelty of different experiences.

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An extraordinary legacy

Not just a place to be, but a place to stay, to cherish, to belong to.

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opening quotes closing quotes Our aim in the creation of the Chelsea Barracks townhouses was to reinvent rather than reinterpret. The result is an architectural language that evokes the grace of its Belgravia counterparts, and creates a contextual extension of the surrounding streets

Pedro Roos, Partner, PDP London

Heart of the home

Each fireplace is crafted from carefully sourced and distinctive stone, they are one of a kind.

Made to endure

Every detail brings a sense of quality and craftsmanship.

Elegant proportions

Elevated ceilings heighten the grandeur of living areas throughout the houses.


At 10 metres wide, the townhouses set a new paradigm for luxury living in London.

A grand entrance

The entrance hall is a space of elegant proportions and fine craftsmanship, with bespoke flooring fashioned from three varieties of natural stone.

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Lavishly appointed

The vast first floor reception rooms are flooded with natural light from the floor to ceiling windows.

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Perfect serenity

Unwind in your own private health club complete with swimming pool, sauna, steam room and gym.

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The Garrison Club

Welcome to the community

This is London’s most exclusive residential members’ club, created bespoke for the Chelsea Barracks community.


Immerse yourself in one of London’s most opulent spas, exclusively for the use of Chelsea Barracks residents.

Cinema & Billiards Room

Relax and enjoy the 16-seat cinema and elegant billiards room.

Concierge & Estate Management

Our team of experts is here to assist you 24 hours a day.

Business Suite

Work from your home in privacy and style.

The Garden Squares

A community built around its gardens

Taking inspiration from England’s great architectural and horticultural traditions, the garden squares are the strikingly beautiful backdrop to Chelsea Barracks life.

Whistler Square

Flowing water and tranquil Magnolia trees are the centrepiece of this peaceful urban oasis.

Mulberry Square

A culinary garden with English fruits, vegetables, herbs and flowers marks the entrance to Chelsea Barracks.

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