Qatari Diar Europe and the Americas

The Art of Real Estate

Qatari Diar Europe and the Americas have established an impressive reputation for creating truly outstanding, world-class real estate developments across both regions. The 11 signature projects currently underway or recently completed in these continents include some of the most premier locations in London, Paris, Washington DC and Panama. They harness the world’s greatest architectural and design talent in order to create sustainable communities, on a grand scale, that will stand the test of time.

The Art of Real Estate

Qatari Diar Worldwide

Qatari Diar builds landmark projects of unrivalled scope and vision that create vibrant communities. A global leader in sustainable real estate, we are dedicated to capturing the hearts and imaginations of the people we serve. Our vision has realised entirely new cities and revitalised historic locations, always creating places with a sense of identity and purpose where people aspire to live, work and visit.

The Residences

The residences reflect the taste and refinement of their owners, speaking the language of the city with grace and elegance. Careful consideration has been given to every architectural detail, resulting in superlative living spaces, imbued with timeless British style. Please contact your agent for further information.


Traces of the Chelsea Barrack’s heritage continue to shine through even in this most modern expression of the development. Providing a seamless transition between outdoor and indoor entertaining, the penthouses offer the perfect stage to admire this unrivalled location in the heart of London. Please contact your agent for further information.

The Townhouses

These grand and richly appointed buildings represent an entirely new category of living for the capital. The layout creates absolute flexibility, accommodating the variety of cultures and traditions of those who choose to make these refined and substantial houses their home. Please contact your agent for further information.

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