The architecture

The language of design

Chelsea Barracks reintroduces the idea of the London townhouse, one of the greatest innovations of English architecture that has largely lain dormant for over a century. These magnificent houses reimagine exquisite Georgian architecture for the modern era concealing space, function and design unique not just within their local setting but within the whole of London. As with all the residences within Chelsea Barracks these are designed to stand the test of time, expressing a new architectural language as graceful and as resonant of its location as its distinguished antecedent.

The Townhouse Film

There is a unique dichotomy between past and present that is beautifully celebrated in these grand spaces. Through a nurtured approach to aesthetics, the townhouses exhibit a delicate balance that marries rich London heritage with 21st century living.

We’ve created something unique that has learned from and built on over 150 years of craftsmanship.

Considered for you


Each townhouse has been carefully considered in its own right where contrasting quality materials are combined in unique ways to conjure a sense of contemporary.

Superior British Artistry

Crafting perfection

The craftsmanship at Chelsea Barracks is of superlative quality, with an emphasis on British artistry. From the elegant entrance lobby to the private residences, materials and finishes have been selected with the utmost care, ensuring every detail is steeped in quality, experience and skill.

Landscape architecture

Exceptional outdoor spaces

In addition to the beautifully landscaped gardens at Chelsea Barracks itself, the surrounding area is interlaced with elegant parks and garden squares where it takes its inspiration. This careful attention to a sustainable landscape offers an innovative yet timeless answer to the challenge of creating an inviting and enduring public realm for the modern era.

Nowhere else captures London’s combination of heritage and modernity

The Residences

The residences reflect the taste and refinement of their owners, speaking the language of the city with grace and elegance. Careful consideration has been given to every architectural detail, resulting in superlative living spaces, imbued with timeless British style. Please contact your agent for further information.


Traces of the Chelsea Barrack’s heritage continue to shine through even in this most modern expression of the development. Providing a seamless transition between outdoor and indoor entertaining, the penthouses offer the perfect stage to admire this unrivalled location in the heart of London. Please contact your agent for further information.

The Townhouses

These grand and richly appointed buildings represent an entirely new category of living for the capital. The layout creates absolute flexibility, accommodating the variety of cultures and traditions of those who choose to make these refined and substantial houses their home. Please contact your agent for further information.

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